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If you don't want to experience some issue with unexpected puppet version on your nodes, upgraded by error from 2.x series to 3.x series (where incompatibilities can occur). Simply add this to a common used manifest :

    ensure => present,
    owner => 'root',
    content => 'Package: puppet puppet-common
    Pin: version 2.7*
    Pin-Priority: 500'

This uses the pin feature of apt-get.

If your nodes have already moved to a newer and unexpected version, then you'll have to downgrade them manually with a simple :

$ apt-get install puppet 

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If you have set git as the storage engine used by etckeeper, then you might want to add a very simple hook to push your configurations to a remote repo.

Note that this feature is already included depending on the distribution/release you are using (not included in Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS at this time). See


Add a remote to your local git repository

$ cd /etc
$ git remote add origin git@yourserver:yourrepo

Then push it with -u to automatically track changes

$ git push -u origin master

The hook

Simply create a file that will be triggered after the commit : /etc/etckeeper/commit.d/60git-push

set -e
if [ "$VCS" = git ] && [ -d .git ]; then
 cd /etc/
 git push origin master

Don't forget to chmod +X it

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Expert development on eZ Publish (certified developer) and other LAMP projects (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).
Performance oriented developments, cache optimisation, system configuration & tuning for your web servers, ...

During the last years, I had the opportunity to extend my technical skills in many topics and it will be a pleasure to share these experiences with you.

  • server setup and optimisation for production platforms including Linux distribution (such as Debian, CentOS or RedHat)
  • architecture definition for production platforms, without forgetting to take into consideration all your constraints (performances, cost, planning, ...)
  • eZ Publish & PHP development
  • automated deployment using Capistrano
  • version control using Git  & social coding using Github

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